You may be a mortgage loan officer if …

You didn’t make any of these mistakes before closing — did you?
October 22, 2016
Understanding Jumbo Loans and How to Qualify
November 1, 2016

You may be a loan officer if:

You’ve walked into a corn or hedge maze, strolled straight to the center and out again — without realizing it was a maze.

You have to fight the urge to laugh uncontrollably when you hear the word “impossible.”

You wake in the middle of the night because you think the underwriting software might’ve missed something.

You were right when you thought the underwriting software missed something.

You arrive at work wearing a sombrero and poncho and announce, “Software? We don’t need no stinking software!”

You sometimes argue that loan-to-value is more important than debt-to-income, just to be a smart-aleck.

You would love to see ball games between teams named “Fees” and “Rates.”

When you read fairy tales as a kid, you identified with the character who granted the magic wishes.

You know the power of a positive attitude — and you’re not afraid use it.

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