Since opening their doors in 2006 with a handful of employees, VIP Mortgage has quickly become one of the leading mortgage lenders in Phoenix. Our superior one-on-one customer service is the secret to our success. Our clients get the special attention needed in financing their biggest investment: a home.

We help in the lending process for:

  1. Home purchases
  2. Refinancing 

Dedicated Loan Officers

We have a team of loan officers to guide you through the process. They will take the time to understand your entire financial background before recommending a mortgage program. They also take on the responsibility of educating you on the various loan packages available to you, and will recommend one that would best fit your lifestyle and financial requirements.

Best of all, our team’s approach to every client is close-to-home and personal. Combined with their experience in the mortgage industry, if it can be done in this industry, our team can do it.

Fast, Easy, and Convenient Loan Approval

You can also get fast approval from VIP Mortgage, as you can apply directly through our frustration-free website. You can simply select an application from our list; we will then order an appraisal for you, and work with the escrow team so you can sign the documents in their office.

With us, it’s fast, easy, and convenient, taking the financial stress out of the buying process. Ready to take the leap into property ownership? Start by applying for a loan today at VIP Mortgage, the home-grown mortgage lender in Phoenix.

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