Lowering Mortgage Payments Without Refinancing, Part 1

If you’re looking for a way to lower the monthly amount you have to pay toward a mortgage loan, the most common outlet you’ll be considering […]

Understanding the Basics of Mortgage Insurance

In any mortgage situation, both the lender and borrower have to be protected. And within the latter realm, one of the more common elements of many […]

External Factors in Mortgage Rate Fluctuations

If you’re just entering the home loan market for the first time and have begun to compare rates to friends or family you’ve spoken to about […]

Reasons to Refinance Your Home Mortgage

One of the most common terms in the mortgage world is the mortgage refinance, but some people don’t really understand what this means. At VIP Mortgage, […]

Is Now the Right Time to Buy?

At VIP Mortgage Inc., we’re here to assist you with every step of the mortgage process. From pre-qualification to final approval and closing, our mortgage broker services […]

Yearly Homeownership Planning Benchmarks

Going from a homeownership dream to a reality is a process that takes time, planning and money. No one but the very most fortunate among us […]

Tips for Raising Credit Score

As you’re applying for mortgages for your new home, credit score is one of the most vital factors on your mind. Not only does credit score […]

Understanding the Pre-Approval Process

As your go-to mortgage company in Phoenix, our goal at Primary Residential Mortgage is to make every part of the mortgage application simpler and easier for […]

Why a Fixed Rate Loan?

Most mortgages for home buyers fall under one of two very broad categories: Fixed rate mortgage loans or adjustable rate mortgage loans. The differences here are […]

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