Advice for Standing Out With Home Offers

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At VIP Mortgage, we’re more than just a mortgage loan company. While we pride ourselves in offering you the highest quality mortgage lender services, we’re also proud of how we go the extra mile for our clients as they search for the home of their dreams.

One area we can offer advice in once you’ve found a great home is making your offer attractive to a seller in a way that will stand out from other buyers. There are a few tips here beyond simply offering more money – let’s take a look.

Numbers First

For starters, you want to have all your ducks in a row when it comes to the numbers involved in your offer. Sellers will be looking at several quantifiable factors, including the following:

  • Pre-approval: Getting pre-approval in advance shows the seller you’re on top of things, and already have your finances in order. This gives them reason to believe the process of selling to you won’t be interrupted by major roadblocks or delays, and that you aren’t likely to back out of the sale.
  • Offer amount: There isn’t a ton of room for price negotiation within today’s competitive market, so you need to consider what you can afford above the asking price if needed. A realtor can help here.
  • Simplicity: When it comes to the numbers, keep things as simple as you can. Remove any contingencies if you can, and try to limit the number of repair and similar demands you make unless they’re legitimately needed. The offers that keep things simple will be the ones sellers naturally look to first.

Personalize It

The numbers are important, but so are other considerations. Be flexible in your offer, showing the seller that you can help accommodate their needs on timing or other areas. Offer extra perks if you can afford to, such as paying typical seller fees or offering a period of free leaseback. Finally, some buyers even have success writing the seller a personalized letter specifying why you love the home and why you feel like you’d be a good buyer.

Key Team Members

You need the right team around you when buying a home, as well. A realtor can help you through several parts of the journey, and your loan advisor at VIP loans can help with many of the numbers. Finally, a supportive friend or family member – particularly one with experience in homebuying – can be another great outlet.

For more on making an attractive offer to a seller, or to learn about any of our mortgage services, speak to the pros at VIP Mortgage today.

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